Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chatter in the Canopy is Published

…Roberts’s poems bring us to a place where we remember and might reclaim the kind of experience that both aches and heals at once—the thing we come to poems for, in the end . . . a lost wisdom that poetry more than anything else tries to give back to us.

—Paul Haenel
Farewell, Goodbye, Wave Goodbye
Washington Writers’ Publishing House

The book is now available at Amazon, BookSurge, and Etsy.

On Amazon search by ISBN: 1439214816 or by title: Chatter in the Canopy

On Etsy search for Jeff Roberts. Etsy copies get signed. Amazon's do not, as they print on demand and ship from their own warehouses.

On Etsy you can also get a limited edition, 16-page portfolio of the 13 original poems with drawings from the book. Each poem and its associated drawing is presented side-by-side on landscape oriented 8.5 x 11 " heavyweight presentation matte pages. Each portfolio is numbered in pencil and signed by me and both the illustrators. The edition is spiral bound with back and front covers and is limited to 50. Their $49.99 each + $5 S&H. A sweet little collectible.

The extraordinary illustrations in this book stand on their own as individual works of art, and they achieve synchronicity with the poems they illustrate. They are fine art by virtue of their conversion of common themes into uncommon and surprising visual experiences. The styles could not be more different. Dick Roberts communicates with the poems by layering clean, literal lines that showcase his love of subject and craft and technical expertise with pen and ink. Doug Heinlein borrows from, and adds to, the ancient ink and wash language of sumi-e, relying on the integrity of single brush strokes of various length and depth to build abstract visions with intense emotional impact. I am proud to be connected with each drawing, and touched that my poems are the recipients of such quality work.

—Jeff Roberts
Chatter in the Canopy

The BookSurge experience was interesting and often frustrating. Email me if you want details. Short version is that the finished product is fine, but their design and production teams are a bit casual in their attention to detail and QA work.

About the Illustrators:
Richard J. Roberts (Dick) is Jeff’s father. Dick is an artist, natural scientist, and historian and a life-long resident of Stamford, Connecticut where he has taken on the task of conducting a census of every gravesite in Stamford’s cemeteries. Dick studied art with Delos Palmer in the 40’s and in the 50s and 60’s was the Curator of Exhibits at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center. Dick can be contacted through Jeff.

Douglas D. Heinlein (Doug) was Jeff’s roommate in the army in the early 70’s. Doug is the Academic Director for the Graphic Design and Interactive Media Design Departments at the Art Institute of Seattle. Doug is also an award-winning artist and designer with many years experience in the conceptualization, development and deployment of interactive media, multimedia and traditional design practices. His previous professional experiences include closerlook, inc., JamTV/Rolling Stone Network, and Imagination Pilots. He is the parent of two teenage boys and proud (as they claim) to be a worse influence than the Internet and TV combined. Add two cats (one deaf) and a big ole mutt. Shake, then pour. You can visit Doug’s blog at