Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pearl Shawl

women place such emphasis
on the center of gravity
when entering secret government
installations wearing very
dark glasses.

your new currency
looks good in utterly useless
charming little pockets.

I was
sleeping when the music stopped.

I noticed everything of course
the skin color, the reluctantly
edited suggestion. the heat

was a peacock in the midst
of the crowd. everyone gathers
at the squeals, hoots, and shouts.

small groups eventually wander off
into the twilight.

there’s no mistaking your
pearl shawl and wide legged slacks
cutting a figure through the crowd.

all that matters is that I
may live after all. let's celebrate:
first cup of coffee, far better form
sap running, warm air, nature's
vivid gorgeousness, spring blowing
your hair,

the end of swirling pity.

© R. Jeffrey Roberts

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