Thursday, November 20, 2008

King Bernard I

A picture of King Bernard de Jambon I for RHE


RHE said...

Thanks for posting this.

Does he still occupy his throne? At the risk of sounding pedantic, there usually isn't a I until there's a II. (Nobody called him "Richard I" until Richard II came along. They just called him "Hey, you, Lionhearted!" or "Sean Connery.")

He looks a worthy monarch for a hamster throne.

Jeff Roberts said...

We're on III. Barb and I have become sickeningly attached to having one among us all the time, but they only live about 2 years. Keeping the same name helps us cushion the regularly scheduled losses.

RHE said...

People without pets tend to treat such matters cavalierly. They cluck with condescension and shake their heads. They live in darkness.