Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Praise for Chatter in the Canopy

Jeff Roberts' poetry is a delightful surprise. This collection of poems is a pleasure to read and re-read from cover to cover. In his work, the poet captures the essence of a moment, an instance, in an interaction with others and with nature. "Cold Shower," for example, gracefully moves through nuances of connection and through a shift of mood, feeling and intention. As I read, it is as if I am absorbing the contents of the poems; it is a sensate feeling; a connection; leaving me touched and moved and right there with the poet. His images of the natural world are lovely; recognizable; pleasurable to feel and touch. His work is warm and has life to it. The illustrations are also lovely and compliment and strengthen the poems. "Chatter..." has become a favorite of mine; easy to pick up for a few minutes a day; and also, a favorite gift for my friends. My hat is off to a kind, gentle, insightful, engaging poet, Jeff Roberts.

-Laura Hackell

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